Bucknell vs. Fordham, A game to remember

This was one of the most exciting and most memorable games I’ve ever witnessed. The lead passed back and forth, there were any number of great plays by offense and defense, and the crowd was as noisy as I’ve seen in a long time. A large contingent of Bison fans had a nice tailgate and kept the players encouraged, and the Fordham fans were wild. The last two minutes of the game produced such drama that ESPN could run them in a highlight show. We’re not sure which calls by the officials were correct, and which weren’t but we know we saw a game all the players on both teams can be proud to have played. Fordham entered the game ranked 7th in the nation, and since they won, they deserve to retain that ranking. Bucknell entered the game unranked, and they now deserve to be ranked 8th.

Every pleyer on each team showed great desire, and great resolve. There was no quit, there was no holding back by anyone. Congratulations all around. I hope my pictures at this link, give you some feel for just how great this one was: http://photos.j-joel.com/p118969864


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