Bucknell’s Homecoming 2013

Homecoming 2013 was just what anyone could hope for: a bright, crisp, Rall day with several key events, a good attendance, and a upset victory of major proportion on the football field. I only got to cover the second half of the football game because I was asked to shoot the day’s aquatics meet with Pitt.

My shots here are intended to portray soem items that strike me as key points. First, the Bison ran the ball almost at will against a big Lehigh defensive unit which is one of the better ones in the nation. C. J. Williams, featured in that sequence which shows one of his scores, ran relentlessly and fearlessly. And his line played like titans, those outsized Norse gods who were invincible. Even a 70 year old geezer like me could have run for a few yards through the holes they made. But Williams had a career day. When he was on the sideline, Matt DelMauro picked up the slack and roared to a TD. Next, the secondary played a fine game against a good quarterback, with key interceptions and good, sound, coverage. Earlier in the season, they didn’t inspire the same confidence, but in this game even Peyton Manning would have failed to beat them. Secondary is not an easy position to play, because your opponent has all the rules on his side, and so you must be smarter and a better athlete. This day, the Bison were. Third, although the early lead helped them, the coaches had all the answers. Lehigh may have rolled up some interesting statistics, but they were meaningless because in almost every key down, Bucknell had the offensive or defensive answer.

I’ve included also. shots of the human side of a homecoming: Hall of Famers, the best basketball team I’ve ever rooted for, the fun of a fancy tailgate, the Patriot League’s best cheerleaders, and the only “professional flag wavers” in Lewisburg. I hope you enjoy these, and they remind you of the euphoria of a huge upset.

The link to the Zenfolio pages portion of this site with those shots is http://photos.j-joel.com/p682253452.

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