“Where have all the pictures gone?”

At the recent Bucknell – UMBC swin meet, some of the team asked me where all the shots which are taken, end up. It’s a common enough question when folks see us shooting 200 pictures at an event. (I actually shot over 300 at that meet.) Here is a brief answer. Many of the shots simply are not “keepers”, especially at an event like diving. Those shots are simply deleted, and of course, it costs us nothing to throw shots away in this digital era (unlike the old film days). Many others have only an historical or archival interest; they will be useful someday in the future, but they aren’t topical or spectacular enough to grab space on a website or in a daily paper the next day.

However, I did “feel bad” for the athletes, and so I’m going to post a large bunch of shots from that meet. (Many of these could never see the light of day on the Bucknell website or in print. No photographer expects to have that many great shots from a single event. But if they are enjoyed by the team, that’s all I’m aiming for in this posting. They are intended for fun, and fun only.

And yes, if you are counting, there are more shots of divers than swimmesr; that does mean it was divers who asked me; a world-renowned sociologist told me that swimmers are more blase’ than divers about publicity. http://photos.j-joel.com/p746521915 is the direct link. I hope everyone enjoys this.




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